World War II Airsoft Scenario Rules

These are the current rules for playing WW2 airsoft with the Athens, GA group. These rules are dynamic and will change from time to time based on needs and observations.










    You may use any AEG you own, WWII era or not. Yes you with the G36 bring it, no problem.
    Semi auto only on most AEGs  People who have WWII style weapons that represent an automatic weapon(i.e. Thompson, MG42, M3, etc.) will have first consideration (This helps simulate the actual weapons mix of the era.)


    You will be broken down into appropriate Axis or Allied size squads with appropriate numbers of riflemen, MG crew, and SMG amongst your squad.


    Axis squad is  up to 10 man:

    1 MG s 2-man crew (Reserved for actual SAWs if available)

    2 SMG gunners

    Up to 6 Riflemen shooting Semi-auto only

    Allied squad is up to 12 man:

    1 MG 2 man crew (Reserved for actual SAWs if available)

    1 SMG gunner

    Up to 9 Riflemen shooting Semi-auto only


    No night vision devices.(Goggles, scopes, cameras etc.) No M203s(but you can use the shells in ww2 prop weapons such as mortars.)

    No red dots, lasers or any other modern-type optics. If your AEG has a built on factory red dot or scope you may put a piece over the lens

    Scopes are only to be used on bolt action sniper rifles.


      Younger then 14 and we have to know you and it will be on a case by case basis.

      14 - parents sign waiver and parent playing

      15 - 17 waiver signed by parent.

      18 - sign your own waiver


      Do not use any modern vest or field gear made during or after the Vietnam war. Exception is the use of pouches on a web belt. or belt holsters. This is not SWAT or DELTA. You are playing the part of a 1939-1946 era warrior do your best to look the part. It can be done cheaply.

      USE any era


      Web belts






      tactical or LBV vests

      Camelbaks ( hide them in a older era pack, mussett bag or breadbag)



      One RTO per squad is allowed


Please Read our Pictorial Guide to Uniform Requirements by CLICKING HERE

    You do not have to be 100% uniform accurate but you must stick with colors given. ie. You may use modern black or grey BDU's if that's all you have, but not your new MARPAT's.

    We will not make exceptions for modern BDU's  this year on the uniform standards. Do not ask! Our uniform standards are very liberal for historical gaming. WW2 airsoft staff will make the final call on it.




















Tanks or armored vehicles will be included sometimes in our games. They can only be taken out with an antitank weapon firing a nerf rocket. These will be provided to the teams to use against the tank/s that we use. We will determine How many tanks will be on the field and how many anti tank weapons will be issued to each side. If you bring your own prop antitank, tanks or artillery guns they must pass our safety and inspection to be used by you on the field. Tanks must be hit twice for a kill. First hit immobilizes the tank but it may still fire. Second hit will kill the tank. At which point it immediately drives back to the respawn and waits 15 minutes at the respawn to respawn. A tank marshal will stay with the tank at all times to determine hit's and misses and inform the tank crew when they are hit or dead. Only an engineer can fix an immobile tank by spending 10minutes with his hand in contact with the tank. You will not fire your main cannon with nerf rockets at players only objects. You may have antipersonnel rounds provided to you that can fire sabots of BB's


If you want to use our anti tank props you will need some training by us before we allow you to skip merrily around the field with it. This training probably takes 15 minutes at most but you will want to spend some time experimenting with it and getting used to the range and such. WW2 antitank weapons had a relative short range so be prepared to get up close and personal. You will not fire nerf rockets at players only objects and tanks. You are also the Demo guys and you may carry satchel charges or demo charges. You and you alone can blow bases or bridges you may use your antitank weapons to blow bridges and bases by shooting them. A ref will place a red flag marker on the destroyed object to mark it. Players can play around the outside of a bunker but may not get inside something that is destroyed until it is put back into play by an engineer.


You can restore tanks to mobility by placing your hand on an immobile tank for 10 minutes. You can restore bridges and bunkers to use by spending 10 minutes with your hand on any object that has been demo'd. Objects that are demoed will have a red flag placed on them by a ref.



This goes for Arty guns and mortar pits. With 1 or 2 ammo boxes. As long as you have live players at these locations they can call in one arty strike per Arty site every 15 minutes. Hit and miss will be decided by a roll of the dice. Evens you hit, Odds you miss. An arty control ref will randomly call out players(4 or less at a time) in the area you select via grid coordinates. If you do not control the Arty site (meaning you have no live players in them.) you do not get a shot from that one. You may move your mortars (but not arty guns) but at no time will more than one mortar reside in your respawn. Do not lose peices or legs an incomplete mortar or the loss of the ammo crates makes them disabled.


Each player may carry a single tennis ball or other grenade replica on them to represent a grenade. The grenade may only be used once per scenario. The uses of the grenades are also limited. Grenades will be used only against bunkers. Players are responsible for providing their own "grenade" if they so wish.

Bunkers:  In order to limit the incidents of excited, point-blank shooting within bunkers, each player may carry a  semi-soft item to represent a grenade. (We have found that a tennis ball painted olive drab works fairly well.)  When engaging people inside a bunker, instead of rushing in or shooting you toss the "grenade" into the bunker and yell "GRENADE!".  This is to draw attention to the fact that a grenade has just been employed.  Any players in the bunker with the grenade are then dead.  Each player may carry only one grenade and use it only once per scenario/game. 

Grenades cannot be picked up off the ground and reused during the scenario.  (You may pick them up to recover them but do not reuse it during that scenario.)

If for some reason you are throwing  grenade from inside a bunker, fumble the throw and the grenade lands inside of your bunker, all inside the bunker are dead. 

If you throw a grenade at a target and miss, then the grenade is expended.

These are the only ways in which grenades will be employed.

Q:  Why can't grenades be used in the open?

A:  Because that just opens a can of worms that does not need to be dealt with.  We do not want to see arguments about how far from the grenade that someone was.


Medic Requirements:

Deck of Medic Cards.

Medic Bag. (Any sort of period bag that can look like a medic pouch or bag.)


When a player is hit, he sits in place or kneels. He may call out for a medic for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes he bleeds out and must respond. He MUST bleed out the entire 5 minutes, no suicide and respawn allowed. When a medic notices he is needed, he goes to the wounded player, or another player may drag the wounded player back to a safe spot with one hand allowing wounded to WALK or two unwounded players can put a hand each on the wounded player and can jog. If the rescuing player is shot while trying to get the wounded player to a safe spot then they both stop and call out for medic. The medic is not Invincible in combat. The medic may try and drag the wounded player to a safe spot but if he is hit he is wounded like anyone else would be. When the medic makes it to the wounded player, he opens his medic bag. Inside the bag are the Medic cards with random fates on each. The medic must draw from the cards blindly. Depending on the card, the medic spends the corresponding time as printed on the card with one hand on the wounded player. If the player draws a death card the wounded player is called dead and must walk to respawn at this point. The medic than puts the card back in his bag, shuffles them up, and is back to action.





These rules are for covering when a player is captured and his/her captors decide they wish to disarm and search them. Obviously, some people would be highly opposed to actually being frisked and/or having their weapons taken from their person. In order to provide a solution to this issue we have devised the following rules.



In order to disarm the player the captor must place their hand on the players shoulder and state "I am disarming you.". At this time, the player that is being disarmed must remove the magazines from all weapons and fire any chambered rounds into the ground. All weapons must then be placed on safe and re-holstered, slung, or carried in such a fashion as to be rendered non-threatening such as over the shoulder etc. All magazines must be placed in a pocket such as pants cargo pocket, ammo pouch, pocket or wherever the player wishes. The magazines may not be placed back into the weapon/s however. Any other miscellaneous weapons that the player is carrying also become non usable, such as hand grenades, launchers, explosives etc.


In order to search a prisoner for any items that that may be of interest such as maps, intelligence documents, orders or any other game-related items that the player may be carrying, the captor places their hand on the prisoner's shoulder and tells him/her "I am searching you.". At this time the searched prisoner must give up all game related items (Not personal items such as wallets etc.) for the captor to see. The captor will then decide what is of use and what is given back to the prisoner


When a player is hit the first time they are down until a medic revives them, they are evacuated to the command post or bleed out.  If a player is hit and an enemy soldier can get to them before a medic and before they bleed out then they can be captured.  They are wounded and will have to follow the wounded rule of movement.