Operation Meatgrinder AAR


 Operation Meatgrinder was held on Feb. 27 and 28 2010 In Athens, GA at Georgia Airsoft. 31 people attended with roughly equal numbers of Axis and Allied. The impressions were very good for the most part with most attendees going above and beyond minimum standards and going a full or nearly full impression. standards seemed to be exceptionally high on the Axis side though there were many fine examples of impressions on the allied side as well. We had participants from Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland.

I'd like to say thank you to everyone that attended. The attitudes among the players was top notch with no arguments or fights. High morale seemed to permeate both sides and I have to say personally you all helped reignite the fire and passion for WW2 Airsoft for me. It is all of you guys that help make a successful game. I can set up missions and plan props and organize but without the players help it is a hollow experience.

The weather was beautifully clear is not a bit raw on the cold and windy side. The game was slightly delayed but everyone seemed to be willing to work with us and we continue to strive for being on time with events in the future. Scheduled start time was to be 10:30am actual start time was 11:30. Following are the setups for the missions and how they played out.


Mission 1: "Stray Dogs"

 Initial setup -
Germans: German forces start in the ½ Bitburg and ½ Dasburg areas.
Allied: ¼ the Allied forces start atop Prum. The other ¾ of the Allied forces start in Bastogne.

Objectives -
Germans: An American patrol has pushed ahead of the front and has strayed onto German soil. This will not stand! We must take out this patrol before they discover the troop build-up we have in the area in preparation for the coming offensive. Capture or destroy the enemy strong point atop Prum. (the main building that is the communications bunker.) and capture the leader of this patrol for interrogation by the SS.

Allies: What the hell?!? A small forward patrol has strayed across the front lines into Germany. They are reporting massive Kraut build up. up and down the line across a 15 mile front! Better get ready, you've got orders to hold your positions with just a handful of men, and it's already shaping up to be one heck of a fight.

Victory Conditions -
Germans: +50 points for destroying or capturing Prum and the communications bunker.
+50 points for capturing and holding the leader of this patrol. O points if he is killed or is wounded and not healed by a German medic. (He can be healed without limit throughout this mission.) He must be moved back to Bitburg for interrogation. Once back at Bitburg you will need to hold him there for 15 minutes at which point he will be considered interrogated and can be released to go respawn.

Allies: +50 points for keeping the communications bunker in Prum in Allied hands.
+50 points for keeping the leader of that patrol alive (or rescuing him before he is interrogated by the SS in the rear of the German lines.) until the end of the mission at which point he will have reported back to command in Bastogne about the German offensive. If he is killed there are 0 points for either side. He can be wounded and healed over and over through out the mission no limit. He can not commit suicide or be intentionally shot by his fellow Allies. (Don't be a rules lawyer)

Respawn -
Germans: The Germans have 1 medic and unlimited respawns in Bitburg area with no waiting.
Allies: The Allies have 1 medics and two (2) total respawns in Bastogne. The Patrol leader for Prum will have unlimited medics until he is killed.

Special Rules -

Outcome: +50 points for the Germans. The Germans quickly took Prum from the Americans and wounded the Allied patrol leader and captured him. A German soldat attempted to move him to the rear to be healed by an Axis medic and be interogated but was shot himself and the Allied patrol leader bleed out before he could could be captured and attended by a medic of either side.



Mission 2: "Bombs in Flight"

 Initial setup -
Germans: German forces on top of Prum.

Allied: Allied forces start in Bastogne.

Objectives -
Germans: It is time to soften up the Allied lines. You are to mortar the towns of Bastogne, St. Vith, and Hosinger in preparations for the push across the river into Belgium. You must have a recon team locate the one marked building in each of the towns and have them direct fire on that building until hit. They may communicate via wire or wireless to your mortar team which will be on the other side of the river on top of Prum. If your recon team or mortar team is taken out you will have to wait till they both respawn to complete the mission.
Allies: The Krauts are giving us a pounding. Must be something big coming up. We need to search out and destroy any forward observer teams and the arty they are directing. Do not touch the mortars just kill the team running it. You may kill the Krauts in these roles 3 times for points any more than that is just killing them for fun.

Victory Conditions -
Germans: +25 points for each building you destroy. An extra +25 points for using a wired telephone system by your FO to coordinate your action on the towns.
Allies: +25 points each time you take out the mortar team. +25 for taking out any recon or FO team.

Respawn -
Germans: The Germans have 1 medic and unlimited respawns at the south end of the field (Trier) with no wait required.
Allies: The Allies have 1 medic and unlimited respawns in the center of Bastogne (the Town) with no wait required.

Special Rules -

Intermittent random artillery fire to even odds (staff with firecrackers and a dice...hits up to 4 players, wounded on a 4+ roll). Can not take out buildings with staff arty.

Props needed for this Mission -
Spool of wire
2 Field Phones or Radios.

Outcome: The Recon team was unable to string the wire for thier fieldphones and instead of recon and report choose to fight the Allied forces. The entire recon team was KIA at least once give the Allies +25 points. The Germans attempted to mortar the town for the rest of the hour without success. They had several close landings  but never hit the buildings they needed to and were hampered by no FO team to spot for them and even with fall the tree canapy intferred with the shots from the mortars. There were some equipment failures with the air pumps on the mortars at one point or another but those were fixed in game. It seemed like it was just to hard for the Germans to hit the buildings. The Allies pushed out of the towns once to try and come after the German mortar teams but were never able to get close and were pushed back across the river back into St. Vith and Bastogne.

Mission 3: "Rumble of Giants"

 Initial setup -
Germans: German forces may start anywhere on the South half of the field.

Allied: Allied forces may start anywhere on the North half of the field.
Allies have an Ammo Dump, a Fuel Dump, and 3 light AT Guns set up at various locations in the Allied area.

Objectives -
Germans: This operation is on strict time table, and resources are in short supply. There are badly needed supplies nearby in the form of both an Allied fuel and ammo dump in this sector. You are to advance quickly, neutralize enemy opposition, and seize these dumps. Eliminate any enemy antitank weapons that might be a threat to our panzers. Press on towards the enemy logistics hub at Bastogne, and enter the town if possible.
Allies: The damn Krauts have broken through our front lines, but we've got to hold them to give our boys time to withdraw and regroup at Bastogne. There is a fuel dump and an ammo dump nearby that need protecting, and a handful of AT guns as well, our only real defense against the German panzers. Don't let the enemy knock them out! Hold until relieved, and keep 'em away from Bastogne.

Victory Conditions -
Germans: +40 points each for capture and control of the Ammo Dump and the Fuel Dump at mission end.
+25 points for each Allied AT Gun destroyed (+75 points maximum).
+25 points if any Germans actually set foot inside the town of Bastogne sometime during the mission (cross the creek).

Allies: +40 points each for control of Ammo and Fuel Dumps at mission end. +80 points
+25 points for each Allied AT Gun intact at mission end (+75 points maximum). +50 points
+25 points for having no Germans in sight of Bastogne at mission end.

Respawn -
Germans: The Germans have 1 medic and unlimited respawns at the south end of the field (Trier) with no wait required.
Allies: The Allies have 1 medic and unlimited respawns in the center of Bastogne (the Town) with no wait required.

Special Rules -
Satchel charges destroy AT guns....set off charges duds do not count if it does not go bang it is a dud go get another or get the one you have reset.
Intermittent random artillery fire to even odds (staff with firecrackers and a dice...hits up to 4 players, wounded on a 4+ roll).

Props needed for this Mission -
1 Ammo Dump*
1 Fuel Dump* 
3 light AT Guns*
*- All set up at various locations in the initially Allied controlled area.

Outcome: This was the first use of the tank for the Germans and it actually worked well for them. The Allies for the most part beat feet across the river with all of the objectives except for 1 AT gun. The Germans destroyed it and utilized a FlamenWurfer in the tank to wreak havoc on the allied lines and across into the town. The Flamenwurfer was the most feared weapon of the day and we had to make some rule changes on the fly to make sure the play was fair for all sides. This was easily accomplished with the help of both commanders and a little compromise. It could easily be described as a cone of death with a 150-200 ft range. We limited it down to 50-60 ft range  and two burst before he had to go respawn. This seemed to work well. The Allied bazooka had several mechanical issues and total failures due to the cold. While The Allies were busy dealing with a mean little tank with a flamethrower the Germans in the end were able to flank around to the far side of the towns at the very last moments of the battle and secure an extra +25 points for entering Bastogne.

Mission 4: "Damned Engineers"

 Initial setup -
Germans: German forces start at the south end of the field (Trier).
Allied: Allied forces start at midfield.

Objectives -
Germans: We must stay on schedule and cannot afford any delays. American engineers are attempting to block the only usable roadways ahead. Clear a path for the panzers, and push on to the elevated terrain to the north.
Allies: German tanks are coming! We gotta' block off these roads and buy our guys some time. Set up the hedgehogs, pole mines, and other obstructions on the roads so the German tanks cannot make it down them while also protecting them and delaying the Germans. Don't let any German panzers get through.

Victory Conditions -
Germans: +25 points if any Germans reach Prum.
+75 points if the German tank ever reaches Prum.
+20 points if a path is clear of obstacles all the way to Prum at Mission end.
Allies: +60 points for preventing Germans clearing a path and moving tank through midfield area.
+40 points for keeping Germans from reaching Prum.

Respawn -
Germans: The Germans have 2 medics and unlimited respawns at Trier with no wait required.
Allies: The Allies have 2 medics and unlimited respawns at Bastogne with no wait required.

Special Rules -
1 German tank, subject to tank rules.
May respawn at Trier.
First hit from LAWs, and AT guns immobilizes tank for 5 minutes. Second hit destroys it (respawn).
Intermittent random artillery fire to even odds (staff with firecrackers and a dice...hits up to 4 players, wounded on a 4+ roll).

Only a German engineer can move hedgehogs by blowing them with satchel charges. Or physically removing mines to one side of trail.

Props needed for this Mission -
Tank obstacles, (Clay pigeons)mines, hedgehogs, etc, near midfield area.
1 bazooka for Allies

Outcome: The Allies were issued clay pigeons for mines and allowed 15 minutes to setup hedgehogs and fallen log roadblocks on the trails. For some reason the Allies had decided to lay the mines visibly in the trails. I would have though they would have thrown leaves over them to hide them but they had not anticipated in what way the Germans would clear the trails. The Germans rolled up near them and had a gunner on top shoot the clay pigeons and "blow" them up. This was not exactly what I had in mind when I put these in the game but as I was the tank guide on I allowed it as I thought it was very clever of the Germans. I think that is what would have happened in real life. If you could see a bunch of mines in front of you, you wouldn't send a human to clear them you'd blow them up by shooting them I would think. The Germans did a very good job of supporting thier tank with infantry and quickly made it down the trail without having the tank blown up once. The Allied bazooka was still having problems but did fire at the tank at least once. This was a total success for the Germans

Mission 5: "Damned Engineers Part 2"

The last mission was a complete reversal with the Allies moving the tank and the Germans defending. The Allies were also able to achieve their objectives and got the total points alloted for this one. The tank was blown up at least twice but this had no bearing on the objectives. There were issues agaon with the anti tank guns on the German side. I noticed there was a lot less infantry support for the tank on the Allied side but this was the first time they had used it. No doubt with more practice they would also learn to support the armor better.

Outcome: Allies +120 points


Final points:

Allies 265

Axis 215


Congrats to the Allies for a very hard won victory. We had a lot of new props and ideas some staff built some player built everyone had a great time and there was great game play.

Group Shot of Axis 19(right) and Allied 15(left) Players.


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