Welcome to World War II Airsoft Southeast

Welcome to the WW2 Airsoft home of players in the Southeast United States. Here you will find info on the rules we use, how to articles, photos, and links to information from all over the web. We are just strating to rebuild the website and hope that you stick with us as we grow and add more and more information. Right now all we have up are our rules and this home page but we hope to add photos and articles from our many previous games. Most of our games happen in Athens Georgia but we are starting to see activity from all over the Southeast. 


Our Next WW2 game in Athens is scheduled for November, 19-21 2010 

Operation Dragoon 

A little known allied invasion happened on the Southern French coast on August 15, 1944  This was a joint operation which included British, American, and French troops against German opposition. This game is based on small squad movements in the area of operations and focuses on airborne drops and commando raids versus the larger scale ambhibous landings. Missions will include sabotage against radio and radar arrays, demolition of fuel depots, collection of human intel amongst other missions. Join us for our next big WW2 event.

This is a European Theater of Operations themed game, covering the Southern French coast around and near Tolouse, France.


Georgia Airsoft
305 Lakeview Dr.
Winterville, GA 30683

When: Nov., 19-21 2010. (Camping Friday Nov. 19)

Price: $40.00

Age Limits: 14 and older Waiver to be signed by parent for children.
Field Safety Rules can be found here.
FPS LIMITS: AEG=400FPS 20' MED, Bolt Action Sniper=500FPS 100'MED