WW2 European theater of operations historisim

Where: Georgia Airsoft, Athens, GA

When: November 19-21, 2010(Yes, it starts Friday night Oct 22nd at 7pm, event also runs all day Saturday & Sunday AM)

Price: $40.00 Rules: We will be using our WW2 airsoft rules of play.

Special Features: Iron Ration will be supplied for each prereg German player USGI C-Rat will be included for each US prereg player * A few more surprises for the players as well.

Uniform Requirements

Allied Forces (US & British) = Olive Drab, khaki, or chocolate brown BDU's or OD/khaki/brown button up shirt/pants, or appropriate US or British reproduction uniforms, plus helmet or appropriate soft cap.


German Forces = Grey BDUs, or grey button up shirt/pants, or repro uniform, plus helmet or appropriate soft cap.


French Resistance = Take heart young modern airsoft player, if you don't feel you can do a WW2 uniform or don't have OD or grey BDU's you can still play, you can wear old style civilian clothes. Raid the closet or Goodwill/Salvation Army for a button up work shirt, chinos, maybe a vest. We will provide you with an armband for French resistance. Don't forget a newsboy style hat or Fedora.

Unarmed French/Villagers Resistance = We have a need for 5-10 roleplayers that will be needed for Friday night and Saturday. This will be a noncombatant but vital role it will also be FREE to attend I think your acting and roleplaying will be payment enough. Old style civilian clothes is all that is required.

NO modern camo patterns at all allowed.

NO Tigerstripe, Woodland, ACU, Marpat, etc. Please do not even ask. NO Sweatpants, Led Zepplin T-shirts, or similarly inappropriate modern civilian attire. NO Tactical vests or modern tactical gear (radios, mics, earbuds, GPS, etc).

This is a WWII airsoft event, designed by and for those players who have expressed interest in this type of play. One of the important factors in creating an immersive and enjoyable WWII scenario is the willingness of participants to take on a proper uniform appearance appropriate for the era in question. This event has uniform requirements and these will be enforced. You must wear acceptable WW2-style uniform and headgear or risk embarrassing yourself. If you're not sure what that might be, ask!

Weapon/Mag Restrictions

Any weapon can be used. All weapons may use 1 hicap or unlimited low/mid/real caps. While any weapon you currently own will be acceptable we may ask you to wrap your uber leet modern rifle in burlap to hide its modernness. Good choices for WW2 play are the MP40, MP44, Thompson, Sten, and M14 (as a substitute for a Garand)or any bolt action rifle. No modern optics allowed. Semi Auto/ Auto function. All period appropriate airsoft replicas will be allowed to fire in auto. Modern weapons will be restricted to semi auto only to simulate the standard issue bolt action or semi auto rifles of the period. If you have a full size MG you want to bring and form a MG crew with a friend please let us know in advance. We will have special rules just for you.

Pre-Registration Required

You must register before the event to play. You can't just show up day of and expect to register then. You don't have to pay up front just make sure you can come and go ahead and register. We need you to register before the event so that we can plan some of the missions better based on a known quantity of players.

Registration cutoff is Friday, November 12th. If you can't get registered by then we will see you at the next one. There will be a list at check in provided by me and you must be on the list or you will have made a long drive for no reason. Preregister here: PAINTGAMES@HOTMAIL.COMSubject line should read DRAGOON .