Review of the AGM MP44
By Zack Main

Link to the real gun history
Back in the late 80's early 90's I did WW2 re-enacting.
At that time there was a guy in another unit that had an MP44. I was able to hold it and shoulder it a few times just to get a feel for it. I never got to shoot it because he wanted to charge me 2 bucks a round for the blanks he made.
As I was in college and on a budget I regretfully declined.
It went on the list of one day guns, you know those guns I dream about owning one day...
I always wanted one but the real ones were too expensive. Even the Shoei and Ultima replicas were out of my price range.
Then the news came out a clone was being made in China. I along with everyone else waited with some excitement and trepadation. Hoping it would be a good replica but dreading the fact it could come really messed up
I waited for a while after the initial release to get one I am glad to say AGM got it right.
It is a very realistic affordable replica of the STG44/MP44. When I pulled it out of the box the weight was impressive. It just feels like it should.

The whole external receiver and outer barrel are metal of some sort. Either steel, alloy, or brass.
Only nit pick is that finish is too good. the late war guns had either no finish, parkerized, blued, painted or a mixture of all the finishes above. the black paint on the agm feels like it will be a good tough finish that can be weathered or left to acquire knocks and scrapes in use.

The plastic stock does have a slight wobble, but so does the original gun. it is due to the way the stock fits to the receiver. If you tighten it up too much it would be hard to get off and on the charge the battery. The stock is retained by one pin. One the earlier generation of the AGM replicas the pin was retained by an o-ring. On mine the pin has a spring retainer like the original gun, once it is locked in place it is not going to just fall out.

Mine chronos at 383 out of the box with .25 bb's. That is consistent every shot is 383.
At 60 feet mine is able to shot into the opening on top of a Arizona Ice can with boring regularity. In skirmish use I was able to shoot someone hiding behind a pallet at about 30 yards. he made the mistake of being in between 2 of the pallet slats and I put a burst through out the opening and got him.
It will easily hit a man sized target at 50 yards. Good enough for airsoft skirmishing.

The only two things I don't like about it are the fact the selector slides back and forth instead of rotating and the fact that it only comes with high cap magazines. A concern about the hicaps is you can only get 40 or so bbs before you have to wind it again. In a way that can be used to simulate reloading. After it happened to me the first time I started winding after every burst.

Most WW2 airsoft events limit ammo and or the use of highcap mags. So I hope that Mag or King Arms will bring out 100 to 130 round mid caps soon.

The only improvements I have made so far are to paint the orange plastic muzzle nut and I have added a reproduction sling. Again it just feels right.
I also bought a 7.4 volt stick lipo battery that fits into the stock, I plan to use the oem battery as a back up. with both batteries it is still possible to tap out single shots on full auto like the original guns. I have not had a chance to shoot it over a chrono that will measure cyclical rate, yet. however I think it is in the 500 to 750 rpm zone which is about right.

Since it is still a relatively new gun it still has the gee whiz factor on the field. Every one wanted to know what it was. If you want a WW2 gun or just one to use as an insurgent the MP44 is a good choice. If you are interested in historic arms this is one airsoft you should add to your collection. After all this is the production assault rifle that started it all.

PS My dog likes it too!